The founders of 1875 FINANCE have a shared experience within the same bank and show unwavering team spirit.  The result is constant cohesion and a sharing of responsibility when it comes to strategic choices and advising clients.

All the founders are committed to a century-old heritage of Geneva tradition and Swiss values: excellence, open-minded vision, ethics and respect for co-workers. Like its founders, the company has taken a clear position as both an innovative firm and a custodian of Geneva’s financial tradition.







OLIVIER BIZON, Co-founder, Chairman of the Board.

Olivier Bizon began his career as a financial advisor for institutional clients with Paribas (Suisse) SA. Between 1992 and 1995, he worked at Credit Suisse Private Banking as an investment manager for private clients. He returned to Paribas (Suisse) SA in 1995, heading up the private clients division for Switzerland. He was appointed a member of Senior Management at that time and subsequently became a member of the Private Banking Executive Committee in 2000. In 2001, he joined Ferrier Lullin & Cie SA as Managing Director and became a Member of the Executive Board six months later as Head of Private Banking for the bank. In 2005, he was part of the executive team that sold three private banks and a specialised asset manager (SBC Wealth Management AG) to Julius Baer.

In 2006, he left the bank to co-found 1875 FINANCE as Managing Partner and Vice-Chairman of the Board until 2016 when he was appointed Chairman of the Board.




1875 Finance 7485 Lores Srgb


PAUL KOHLER, Co-founder, Partner, CEO (Chief Executive Officer).

Paul Kohler began his financial career in 1991 at ELF Trading (ex-Total) in Geneva as the Assistant to CFO and controller of crude oil and refined product trading. In 1993, he joined Paribas (Switzerland) SA in Geneva where he was responsible for managing private clients and was later appointed as a Member of Management in 1998.

In 2001, Paul joined Ferrier Lullin & Cie (member of the UBS Group) to lead the Swiss management group. He was appointed Managing Director in 2005 before Ferrier Lullin's sale to Julius Baer.

In 2006, he left the Julius Baer bank to found 1875 FINANCE SA along with Olivier Bizon, Aksel Azrac and the Ormond family, François-Michel Ormond and Jacques-Antoine Ormond.

Paul Kohler currently holds the role of 1875 FINANCE’s CEO.






AKSEL AZRAC, Co-founder, Partner and Head of the Multi-Family Office.

Aksel Azrac began his career as a consultant for major car companies. In 1997 he joined Paribas (Suisse) SA in Geneva where he co-managed the Parvest fund for Switzerland before resuming his consulting activities. In 2001 he joined Ferrier Lullin & Cie as manager of a portfolio of Swiss and foreign clients.

He was appointed to the Executive Board in 2002 and left the company in 2006 to co-found 1875 FINANCE as a Senior Partner.






JACQUES-ANTOINE ORMOND, Co-founder, Partner and Head of Asset Management.

Jacques-Antoine Ormond started his financial career in 1999 with Ferrier Lullin & Cie. After working for UBS Warburg and GAM in London, he returned to Ferrier Lullin in Geneva as a relationship manager. In 2004 he became a Certified International Investment Analyst (CIIA) and was appointed to the Executive Board.

In 2006, he left the bank to co-found 1875 FINANCE as a Partner. Named Senior Partner in 2011. 



Chairman of the board of directors (2006-2016)




FRANÇOIS-MICHEL ORMOND, co-founder, Chairman of the Board (2006-2016).

François-Michel Ormond joined the family wealth management company Ormond & Cie in 1966 and co-founded private bank Ormond Burrus & Cie in 1971. Until 1998 he sat on the Executive Committee of Banque Cantrade Ormond Burrus. He was appointed to the Board of Ferrier Lullin & Cie, a UBS Group member company, after its merger with Banque Cantrade Ormond Burrus.

In 2006, he co-founded 1875 FINANCE as a Senior Partner until 2011 and as Chairman of the Board of Directors until 2016.