Corporate Finance & Private Equity


"1875 FINANCE offers its clients and its partners an opportunity to go one step further in the management of their corporate assets by proposing corporate finance and private equity solutions which combine financial performance with security in execution, and which are based on a private approach to transactions with promoters or investors alike. This approach is unique among independent asset managers today."


1875 FINANCE Corporate Finance & PE satisfies the needs of its clients and partners in terms of corporate finance, private equity and investment advice:

- investment advice: strategic and financial advice prior to the undertaking of any investment operation

- corporate finance: support for operations on sales transactions, acquisitions, financing, capital redeployment and debt or capital project financing

- private equity: setting-up of dedicated or non-dedicated investment structures on leveraged or non-leveraged unlisted assets

1875 FINANCE Corporate Finance & PE has a cross-sectorial approach to 1875 Finance SA’s various areas of expertise, and relies on well-established networks and asset management specialists.


Areas of intervention 

1875 FINANCE Corporate Finance & PE intervenes from the Swiss and Luxembourg offices of 1875 to manage domestic and international projects, on a cross-border basis if necessary.

A specific area of expertise has been built up on Europe, Africa and Turkey. The networks and business partners on which 1875 can draw also allow projects to be set up in other geographic zones.

All industry and service sectors can be brought under consideration, as well as real estate.



Operations are undertaken in the strictest defense of the interests of our clients, and we respect the highest professional standards :

- independence in regard to all third parties who may be brought in to act on the operation, such as lawyers, solicitors, financial institutions, external advisors….

- the senior management of 1875 FINANCE Corporate Finance & PE remains in close and constant contact with the client and his or her team throughout the entire operation

- absolute confidentiality

- in-depth expertise and structuring of financial vehicles in line with the investment constraints required by the client

- global support which integrates the different dimensions of expertise of 1875 FINANCE, in Geneva and in Luxembourg


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